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  • Chaosphere Rhythmical. 20 tracks of cutting edge electronic music especially developed for film and TV use is available for $139.00

  • Chaosphere Drones. 12 tracks of mysterious and compelling drone based music especially developed for film and TV use is available for $99.00

  • Chaosphere Complete. Chaosphere really comes to life when both elements are combined, buy them both together for just $199.00!


Chaosphere is a brand new way for film makers to use cutting-edge electronic music, offering an unprecedented level of flexibility and personalisation. This exciting new scoring tool puts you in control. Chaosphere consists of two sections - Rhythmical and Drones - giving you a total of 32 tracks that can be combined in a multitude of different ways. 

Chaosphere Drones - $99.00 

Want it all? Purchase Chaosphere Complete and get the entire 32 track collection for just   $199.00

What is Strangest Things?

What is Chaosphere?

Chaosphere Rhythmical


Strangest Things, our acclaimed retro scoring tool, is now available to license for your film and TV productions.  After payment we will send a link to download the audio files to your PayPal-registered email address.  Paying by credit card?  Please leave your email address in the comments section on PayPal.  Any questions or queries?  Please contact:, we're always happy to help.

After months of development AFX are very excited to share Chaosphere with the film making community. Download Chaosphere User Guide.

Chaosphere Drones

The entire 32 track collection is available for $199.00 but there are a couple of pricing options to buy the elements separately.

Building on the success of AFX's recent eleven (11) track release 'Strangest Things', we're excited to present our brand new release, CHAOSPHERE.

Strangest Things is an eleven (11) track homage to the retro musical style made popular by the Netflix Original Series 'Stranger Things'.  We analysed the musical style and synthesiser techniques used in Stranger Things to create an album of music that will instantly evoke of all of those classic 80s scores that you know and love.

If you're looking for music that sounds just like a cool 80s synth score then we have done all of the hard work for you. All you need to do is drop the music into your timeline and hear your project come to life. 

Strangest Things - $199.00

Chaosphere Rhythmical - $139.00