'The talented and in demand genius'. - Music Cult, USA.

'your trailer score makes me wanna edit soooo badly right now …' - Ad Lane, UK.

​'LOVE YOUR WORK!' - Phil Fiumano, NYC

​'Mind blowing. Just loved it. You killed it. I'm so thrilled'. - Raghav Peri , USA

'The man works wonders!' - Ross Wilson, React Films, UK

'Yippee for Brilliant, Freakzoid UK Composer David C. Hëvvitt!!!' - Barbie, USA

'Thanks' is a very small word compared to my joy when I heard the score … Even Hanz Zimmer couldn't have done better than u'.  

- Raghav Peri, USA 


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AFX Industrial (film scores)

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AFX's CEO is London-born film score composer and classical music arranger, David C. Hëvvitt.  Hëvvitt began on the piano at six and later studied music in London and America.  Hëvvitt recently finished scoring Beheading Buddha, a film featuring Brian Blessed (Star Wars, Family Guy) and Jenny Agutter (An American Werewolf in London, Child's Play 2).  One of his career highlights to date is the epic score for a modern version of Shakespeare's Macbeth, starring Anthony Head (Buffy, Little Britain).  His work can most recently be heard on 'The Driving Dead' starring Michael Rooker from TV's 'The Walking Dead' (directed by Gale Anne Hurd -Terminator, Aliens).


Hëvvitt's scores appear globally, in films and on TV shows like 'En Otra Piel' a Spanish-language 'telenovela' produced by United States and México-based television network Telemundo Studios.  And, in the last few months his awesome trailer score for the Playstation 4 beta hit 'WARTHUNDER' has garnered over twenty seven million YouTube views.

If you're currently watching TV then you may be listening to his work right now!

Hëvvitt's music is published worldwide and he most recently became part of the Warner Chappel legacy when he released a stunning new arrangement of Holst's 'The Planets' suite under the pseudonym of David Ivanov.