If you think working with AFX will be expensive and intimidating, think again!

We do offer a premium product (in terms of film scores) but like Apple we have a product to suit everyone and it can be summed up quite simply:

'... not everyone can afford a high end Mac but a little of their technology and beautiful design features CAN be bought by anyone who can afford an iPod'.

So when you're buying a film score from us you can spend as much as you like (just like buying a high end Mac) or you can spend as little as you like (just like buying an iPod) . But you STILL get the same intrinsic product and product philosophy.

The correct use of music WILL make your film more watchable and more saleable and although it appears we have commodified scoring, I can assure you we are very hands on and approachable. The only thing your audience will be thinking is 'how could they afford such a great score on their movie'?

That's the illusion we create for you! And you can spend as much or as little as you like with us.

We have plenty of pricing and negotiation options and we'll NEVER make you feel uncomfortable. We're on YOUR side and after the simple contract (which we supply) is signed and sealed we are committed to making your film more awesome than you could ever have imagined!

If you're anything like me then you'll probably buy the best Mac you can afford but you'll never think 'am I professional enough to buy this computer?' We will never judge your level of professionalism, it doesn't matter if your film was shot on a smart phone or mutiple RED cameras in 3D! You get the SAME level of service!

Like any truly professional product our scores, studio equipment and score writing services are available to ANYONE with any budget, their is no elitism here. We are at your service!


afx industrial (film scores)
our Company philosophy

Please click on the link above to hear more examples on YouTube. You'll see, that with minimal visual cues, our videos focus on the music alone. We want you to use your imagination as to where and when you would use our scores … 

Of course, you always have the option to have music specially written just for your film!

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AFX totally understand the film making process and understand YOU as a film maker. Our strict quality control ensures that when a score ends up on your film, it's sonically superior to the competition in every way!

'As a film maker, when the odds are stacked against you, you'll always know that AFX Industrial (film scores) are on your side!'


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